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Two strokes or four strokes for the best enduro?

Two strokes only

.There is one question that comes to the mind of quite every enduro enthusiastic before he or she makes a very important decision. Which kind or model of bike to buy? We are not going to discuss the brand as this is very personal but we want to analyse today the differences between two-strokes and four-strokes enduro bikes. Hence, will try to explore the advantages of two-strokes over four-strokes, maintenance tips, and other considerations. We are sure all of you have had this discussion thousands of time and not surprisingly, it comes over and over again.

Endurobikes: the difference between two strokes and four strokes

Two strokes in woods during an enduro tour

So, to start with the basics, enduro bikes come in two types of engines: two-strokes and four-strokes. Two-strokes bikes are definitely lighter, simpler, and what you will notice immediately is a higher power-to-weight ratio than four-strokes. They accelerate faster, you can really feel the power when you rotate the gas command and this makes them ideal for off-road racing and technically demanding terrain. Then you have the four-strokes machines, they tend to be heavier, more complex, and have hence a lower power-to-weight ratio than two-strokes. Due to this feature, they typically have a smoother power delivery and are easier to control. They are often chosen for easier enduro trails as well as for travelling. But, we have to admit, even if the majority of riders that come to Enduro Experience Croatia to have some enduro-fun drive two strokes bike, we have had in the past some very good drivers with four strokes too. So, it’s quite clear that the choice between two-strokes and four-strokes bikes pass through a personal preference and but the type of riding you’ll be doing has to be considered.

In an ideal enduro world, we would keep the agile and nervous two stroke bike for the challenging parts of the tour and then switch to the nice and stable four strokes when we drive on faster and more relaxing trails. But this is clearly impossible so there will be always a little bit of ultimate compromise between the comfort and the agility. So, given that we cannot have it all, let’s have a look on the maintenance point of view which is something that could tip the scales towards one or another option.

Advantages of the two types of bikes.

Two strokes bikes are fairly simple in design, which makes them easy to repair and maintain. Having fewer moving parts, the risk of mechanical failures is reduced. They also produce much less engine braking so you can ride it through corners without losing speed. But you must know that you do not have the engine brake action, especially if you recently traded the four strokes bike for a two strokes one. We all know indeed that a little bit of engine brake can be handy in downhills. 

On the other hand, the maintenance is really easier, even though it has to be done quite frequently to ensure the engine runs smoothly and lasts longer. You need to check the oil level regularly, which is actually true for the four strokes bikes too. As well as is important the air filter cleaning after every ride to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the engine. You will also need to do the usual chain cleaning and regulation to make the sprockets live longer. And of course the brake pads. But, at least the oil changing part is pretty fast and even if you need to perform some extraordinary maintenance like for instance the piston change, it can be done fairly easily. We have discussed this topic in our blog some time ago. With a four strokes bike things are little bit more complex, at least in our opinion and experience.

This is why at Enduro Experience Croatia we keep for renting only two strokes bikes. And we take very good care of them! So, when you come and rent a bike to have some fun, you find a very functional and well maintained machine.

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