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New: enduro package dedicated to MAXI enduro bikes

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The summer is coming and with it the desire to travel and explore. Imagine that you see a fascinating dirt road and you don’t know where it leads and what it has to offer! This is certainly something that, for those who travel with big enduro bikes, often turns off the desire to dare. There is always the fear of not knowing what you might encounter, where you might end up so you just stick to tarmac road and leave your dreams where they are.

Yet all you have to do is load up your bikes, set off for Croatia and let the adventure begin.

BMW off road

Once here, a whole world will open up to you. Enduro Experience Croatia is not just about mule tracks, mud and impossible climbs; there are also wonderful dirt roads with breathtaking views. It is indeed a paradise for big bikes, for the twin-cylinder machines that have brought you here.

What we can offer you is what is called freedom and adventure without taking unnecessary risk.

Our proposal for you is:

– 2-day tour on the Istrian dirt roads, with guide and assistance and in case of problems with the bike, we will pick up the bike and rider, we will try to assist you with the reparation if possible

– 2 nights in a apartment, with breakfast, lunch and dinner (abundant and strictly homemade).

– overnight covered parking for your vehicles

– washing bikes on site (to wash away the dust before leaving for your holiday)

– possibility to combine a boat trip (extra) Check pictures

All this for 249€ per person (minimum group size 4 people). And for our blog readers, we have reserved a 10% discount (final price 225€).

If you are travelling alone, or there are less than 4 of you, do not despair and contact us: we will do our best to find a solution.