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Summer holiday in Croatia… driving enduro?

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It sounds like a mission impossible but actually it can be easier than you think. We know how much you like to drive enduro but we also know that most of you have a family, a wife (or husband) and perhaps also kids hence the summer holiday is normally dedicated to them.

Then why not kill two birds with one stone? We have THE solution.

First of all, Croatia is an awesome destination for your summer holiday.

Beautiful Croatian sea

With such an amazing sea, many attractions for kids, plenty of hotels and restaurant, it won’t take you long to convince your family to plan your holiday somewhere in Istria.

Case 1:

You are coming to Istria, your hotel is booked somewhere on the coast, you are perhaps even flying in so your bike will stay home waiting for you patiently. Well, no problem at all. With your family playing happily on the beach, you can snake away come to Enduro Experience Croatia. We will give you a bike with all the necessary gear and you will spend your day enjoying enduro tour. Before the dinner you will be back in your hotel or apartment and everyone will be happy.

Glückliche Enduro-Fahrer

Case 2:

You are coming to Istria and still you have not booked your stay. Then you can stay in one of Enduro Experience Croatia apartments together with your family (you can choose one of these Most of the apartments have a swimming pool and are reasonably close to the sea (15 minutes driving). And again, while your family will play in the garden or in the pool, you will get your enduro tour. And if you really really want to become the hero of the day, you will take your family to a beautiful sunset trip on the boat.

Sunset _on_the_boat

Also this we are able to organise for you. We are here to help you to arrange anything you need.

With Enduro Experience Croatia your dreams come true!