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Enduro in Croatia: Fly-in formula

Beautiful landscape enduro Croatia

Do you think that an enduro tour in Croatia is too far or two complicated to organise?

First of all, let’s have a look how a potential short break in Croatia could look like. All you need to do is to take a few friends and in a couple of hours you can reach Istria!

Did you know that there are super-convenient flights from the UK to Pula? And not only from the UK!

For instance, Ryanair has a flight from London Stansted to Pula that leaves on Friday at 17.50, arriving to Pula at 20.55. The return flight is on Sunday, leaving at 10.30 from Pula, you’ll be home at lunch (or almost). And the price? Booking now is 54€!  There are direct flights also from Bristol, Amsterdam and Paris.

Fly in Pula for enduro tour

So, let’s see how can your short enduro holiday look like:

You will arrive on Thursday afternoon on the Pula Airport (PUY) which is located around 45 from Enduro Experience Croatia. Either you rent a car or we can organize a pick up for you directly at the airport.

Once arrived to the place of your accommodation, a dinner will be prepared for you and you can either familiarize with the enduro bikes and the equipment or you can dedicate the evening to a nice relax in the garden, drinking perhaps a couple of biers.


You will have a nice and rich breakfast around 8.30am, then you will start preparing for the tour. We have all the equipment ready for you; you will find pretty much any size of boots and other gear, however we will ask you in the booking process to let us know your size. Your bikes will be already ready to go. You will dress yourself and start your guided enduro tour. The guide will assess your level and that of your friends and will chose the appropriate trails for you. Of course, it will be always you choosing whether you want to try the hard enduro or you prefer something more relaxing. Even during the same day, you will be able to ask your guide to go easier or harder. We have a plenty of trails in Istria and this gives us really a wide choice. We have hard and superhard uphills and we have easy panoramic trails where you can enjoy the stunning landscapes.

You will stop for the lunch for approximately for an hour and then you will continue till around 5 – 6 pm. Your dinner will be served at 7pm and before you fall asleep, you can spend the evening in our konoba, tasting some local wine and a home made spirits.


You will have your second day of enduro tour. Normally, if the weather is really good and sunny (which in summer is almost every day), we take you home a little earlier to give you the chance to go to chill out on the beach which stays no more than 12 minutes from our place. We can even organise a boat trip for you if you like. But it’s obviously all your choice.


Sunday is the day when you get back home. We will take you to the airport if needed and will make sure you are boarded safely on your plane.

So, this will be a short holiday at Enduro Experience Croatia, for sure, but it will be full of fun, enduro, music, food and beautiful Croatian sea.

Destination from Pula