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Visiting Croatia; beyond enduro tours

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Why every season is good for visiting Croatia


Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season to visit our country. Apart from enduro tours activities, which are particularly recommended in this season, there are many other funny things you can do. Everything is awakening from its winter torpor, and rainy days alternate with longer and longer sunny days. Nature is exploding and the hills are coloured in brilliant colours. The scents are inebriating, especially when the sun arrives after the rain.

Beautiful landscape enduro Croatia

Then, the further into June you go, the more it feels like paradise. The temperatures get high during the day while in the evenings and mornings they stay cool, but never cold. What do you do besides enduro tours? Everything that involves contact with nature. Bicycle or e-bike rides, hiking or treking, visits to nature parks or adventure parks. In Istria alone, we have as many as three adventure parks and each one is worth a visit. For swimming in the sea, it is still a bit early, although there is quite a few people who are not frightened by the 18 degrees and jump into the water without hesitation. Spring is also the season of asparagus, strawberries and cherries.


From the end of June it starts to get really hot. But not that scorching heat typical of big cities, it’s a breezy, well-bearable heat, and there are those who practice enduro tours even in July and August. Of course, we usually leave a little earlier in the morning to avoid the hottest hours.
But the sea is the absolute star of the summer. For the most part, the peninsula of Istria is surrounded by crystal-clear sea and both to the south and east there are some very beautiful islands to visit. If you have a chance, the best means of discovering our land is undoubtedly the boat. Whether it be sail or engine boat, it is good either way to take us to discover the hidden beaches, accessible by sea only, where we can stop and spend the day swimming and enjoying the crystal clear sea. There are many operators in Istria offering trips of all kinds, several clubs offering diving, others taking you fishing. There really is something for everyone.

Beautiful Croatian sea

The seaside towns are buzzing with people, the restaurants are all open and it is a pleasure to take a walk, for example, Rovinj or Poreč, two wonderful towns on the west coast. There are also water parks to take families to and plenty of campsites, including some dedicated to nudists. You can still have a simple holiday in Istria, with your camper van or tent, and you will find hospitality and friendliness from the locals everywhere.


In autumn, the enduro tours season starts at full speed again. Often, to find a place for a tour between September and October, you have to book months in advance. What is impressive about this season are the colours. The trees change the colour of their leaves and some turn a bright red. The hills look like something out of a fairy tale. There are no words to describe the wonder one feels when, on a motorbike or even on foot, stops to admire the views. Then it’s back to hiking, cycling and even having wine and food tours. Indeed, September is harvest season.

We, at Enduro Experience Croatia, are lucky enough to have a small vineyard and we normally spend the second weekend in September harvesting. And we do it the old-fashioned way. We get together with relatives and friends, pick the grapes and then take them home and put them in wooden barrels waiting for the must to be ready. The must is the delicious nectar that becomes more alcoholic as the days go by. The wine is then transferred to steel barrels where it remains until tapping. But we also make grappa and our customers know this very well. In any case, apart from our small business, there are many wine producers in the area and it is possible to take guided tours of the cellars.


And what do you do in winter? Some people like to come enduro tours riding in winter, and we take them despite the cold. Of course, we can’t say it’s the best season, in fact at that time we prefer to do the most extreme enduro riding and not far from home. That way we keep warm while trying to tackle the impossible mule trails and we don’t get too cold on the way home where we have a fireplace fire to warm us up outside. To warm ourselves inside instead, we move to the tavern to taste the local grappa. At certain times we also have snow. On the mountain called in Croatian Vela Ucka, there is often snow and with the snow-capped peaks, the view of the sea really takes your breath away.

Croatia snow

If someone wants to ski, the nearest ski slopes are in Platak, above Rijeka. To be honest, however, these slopes are perhaps more popular with families with children. For experienced skiers, it may not be interesting, except for the fact that you can also ski at night.

As you can see, there is always a reason to come to Istria. And we are waiting for you! We will be happy to help you organise your holiday.