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Croatia in Europe: enduro tours in Croatia are now closer

Kroatien in Europe

Croatia in Europe: fantastic enduro tours in Croatia are now closer

We have great news for our enduro guests!

As of 1 January, Croatia has fully joined Europe and this basically means two things: first of all, the official currency is Euro, so you no longer have to go crazy trying to change Euros into kunas. The second thing is much more relevant because it has a huge impact on your holiday. Finally, no borders! The little houses at the border are still there but they are empty. There is no longer anyone asking you for your documents (although of course it is always better to have them with you). There are and will be no endless queues at customs, especially in the summertime. But above all, there will be no dramas when, once you arrive at the border to join us for a fantastic enduro tour, you discover that you have forgotten your identity card or your motorbike registration book! That’s a relief for everyone, including us!

Kroatien in Europe

In fact, we have to say that bookings have increased! We are convinced that this is also due to the quality of our work, but we are aware that Croatia has now become closer and therefore a more popular destination, both for holidays and also for the enduro tours.

The only effect of the increase in bookings is that you will need to move further in advance to secure your place with Enduro Experience Croatia. In fact, we still keep the number of people to take on our wonderful enduro trails the same. We don’t like confusion, we don’t like large groups entrusted to improvised guides. Our priority is to make sure you have a perfect holiday, right from the choice of the house where you sleep, through the great food and, of course, ending with the enduro tours tailor-made for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, we will find the right trail for you to enjoy. In Istria, we are lucky to have so many different types of trails of varying difficulty. By the way, if you are a group with enduro riders of different abilities, no problem. We have some difficult trails with bypasses at the most critical points for those who want to take the easier ride. Enduro has to be the right mix of effort (otherwise what enduro is), joy and above all fun!

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And what about the accommodation?

As for your stay, we are improving our house in Jakomici more and more, there will be some nice surprises and very soon too. As you know, we have a fully equipped workshop and mechanic in the house, so no worries about any small (or big) repairs. Piston changes are the order of the day here. For those who are interested, we also have rental motorbikes that we maintain maniacally, to make them always efficient but above all performing for you! We will tell you about the other novelties later!

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We look forward to seeing you in spring for a perfect enduro tour! Book now at