Best wishes for a fantastic 2023 from Enduro Experience Croatia - Enduro Croatia
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Best wishes for a fantastic 2023 from Enduro Experience Croatia

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Best wishes for a fantastic 2023 from Enduro Experience Croatia

The year 2023 will be a year of great news for Enduro Experience Croatia and also for you, who have been trusting us for years and coming on our tours. Book now to secure your place this spring!

By now you know us well and we know word of mouth is the best advertising. We often receive calls from friends of those who have already visited us and were able to appreciate our uniqueness, friends who want to try an enduro tour with us. How are we different?

Enduro Experience Croatia

We make sure that your stay with us is perfect, starting from the time you book until you leave after your stay. If possible, we try to accommodate you in our house, we have three flats (with separate entrances) where 15 people can stay comfortably, and this means you are always with us.

Olive House Jakomici

For everything, every question or every need, there is always someone happy to help. On the ground floor of our house we have a fully equipped workshop where you can repair your bike (in case you need it) or just relax after your enduro tour and have a beer or two. Breakfast and dinner are served in our tavern and we make sure that no one ever gets up hungry, in fact we are famous for the quality of our food. The cuisine is local, everything prepared in house with a lot of dedication.

Workhop by Enduro Experience Croatia

Then, the most important thing… our enduro tours!

Our guide, Dragan, is always ready to help you. He will never sit around waiting for you if you need assistance, he is always ready to lend a hand on difficult passages but above all he finds a suitable route for each of you. There are no enduro riders who don’t know how to ride well, there are only guides who are not capable of taking people to the right places (or simply don’t have the desire or motivation to look for the best thing for their groups). This is the reason why many of you come back to us, even though the area now offers several solutions for enduro tours.

Enduro Touren F├╝hrer

But what are we preparing for you for next year, 2023? Let’s see it together:

New enduro trails for motorbikes: it is important to us that those who come back to us, or those who have already attended enduro tours in Croatia, do not have to retrace the same paths. When we are free, we always go and clean the new tracks.
Enduro MTB: we listened to you. You asked us when it will be possible to enduro with electric MTBs and we have good news. For those who want to enduro without the noise of the engine, from 15 February they will be able to tour with electric enduro MTBs of the highest quality (full suspension, top quality, brand new Colway eWME 329)
Swimming pool at Casa Jakomici: from the beginning of June, our swimming pool will be opened so that after the tour you can cool off immediately. We are working now to finish everything in time so if you come between now and June, please be patient as there are some works in the garden.
Fishing trips for the lazy and boring evening: we know that around us is very little you can do in the evenings, we are located in a very small, isolated village and to go and find some fun you have to take the car and have a 45-60 minute drive. So if you want, we can take you fishing in the evening, after the tour. What we catch goes straight to the grill and we eat!

With Enduro Experience Croatia is not just enduro tours, it’s so much more!
Book today so that you can find a free place. We are a small family business and we want to stay that way. With you your tour will be exclusive, there will be no other people on the enduro tour with you, just you and your friends. We know that driving enduro with unknown people is always a problem, the level is never the same for everyone and in the end no one is happy. So we decided not to do it. The only thing we want is that your enduro tour in Croatia is perfect!

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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