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MTB E-bikes tour: enduro in silence

E bike tour off road

MTB E-bikes: enduro in silence

We have already told you about the new option in the last post. Indeed, starting from this year we have enriched our offer with an activity that you will love: the possibility of having and enduro tour in Croatia in complete silence (and adding a bit of effort).

In fact, we have started our enduro tours using top-of-the-range, twin-mounted MTB E-bikes, with a powerful engine that allows you to do anything… almost like riding a specialised enduro bike.

MTB Ebike on the tour

Why did we want to expand the range of our tours?

We were asked really loudly by our guests. So, we have always had a passion for mountain bikes as well as enduro bikes, we accepted the challenge. We spent days scouting our region with E-bikes, trying to figure out which trails it can be ridden without the help of the two-stroke engine. And we mapped out new trails, some technical and some easier but very, very scenic.

Nothing changes on the mode nor organisation of the day; the days will take place as usual. Breakfast will be served between 8.30 and 9.00 a.m., then we start with the preparation and briefing. We will ride in small groups, no more than six people including the guide, and this will allow us to have a tour having all of us a lot of fun.

After a quick assessment, we set off on the tour, initially testing your skills on the MTB E-bike and your level of physical fitness. The guide will find the most suitable route for you, favouring scenic paths where you can also stop for a few souvenir photos. Around 13.00 we stop for lunch, either in a private house or in some typical little restaurant in our area. After lunch we set off again for the second part of the tour and around 5.30 p.m. we return to our base again.

New Ebike Tour

You will have your dinner as always at 19.00, in our tavern or in the garden if the weather permits. And after dinner… party with wine and schnapps produced by us.

And the next day?

If you find yourself tired after a day of MTB E-bike enduro touring, you can always take your motorbikes the next day and go for a classic enduro tour!

We look forward to seeing you on an enduro tour, both with motorbikes and E-bikes.

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