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Rally versus enduro: anything in common?

Enduro skills needed here

Rally versus enduro: anything in common?

The Tuareg Rallye in Morocco has just come to an end and we followed it closely, having many friends participating. Of course, we congratulate the winners (Hi Mirco!!) and we must admit that we envied the participants for the beautiful scenery. A member of the Enduro Experience Croatia team had taken part in this rally twice and it is something that will probably mark him (her) for life.

Enjoying the dunes during Tuareg Rally

But why talk about the rally on a site dedicated to enduro riders?

We believe, also somewhat from experience, that effective training, the kind that allows the rider to finish the race, perhaps even with good positioning, consists of several aspects.

– There is physical training, perhaps the least obvious and one that is often underestimated, but in our opinion it is very important. The days are often long, the kilometres many, and you have to be able to get there in shape to last several days in a row.
– Then there is definitely the ability to interpret the notes correctly and thus never lose track. Sometimes the less “good” riders get there first simply because they are more disciplined in following the notes correctly. Tracks on the ground can lie, and unfortunately often when we come to a fork in the road that is not very clear, our brain tells us to follow the track that is most traveled. And that is not always the correct choice, so knowing where you are at all times is the key to being able to take all the checkpoints and get to the bottom.
– Another aspect is definitely the ability to do some basic repairs on your bike; simple things like checking the air filter, which can often cause problems, or changing the inner tube quickly (if you don’t use mousse), tightening screws and bolts that can come loose at speed over rough terrain… it all counts.

The sand is magic, enduro skills are a must

And we get to the driving.

When we think of rallies and dream in front of the television images of the Paris Dakar, we think of speed, we see the drivers almost flying at a pace that seems incredible, we admire them jumping over dunes, and it all seems so easy. But anyone who has tried driving in the sand knows that it is not as easy as it looks. And as important as speed is, it cannot be achieved without proper off-road driving technique.
Many rallies also include technical sections in their routes, made up of stones and rocks that often put drivers accustomed to keeping the throttle open at all times at a disadvantage. So one of the things we think you need to work on is refining your enduro technique, which then helps you to have better confidence with the vehicle and greater awareness of your movements.

Also in the desert can rain, Tuareg Rally

And this is where Enduro Experience Croatia can help you with its tours.

We don’t organise off-road days following road books (although we would love to) but we do organise days where smooth roads where you can practice speed alternate with technical parts where you can work on your technique. We take you, either with the small bike or the endurona, on trails where you practice passing difficult spots (very useful especially if you get off track in the rally and need to take an unfamiliar path to get back on the correct route).

By telling our guide that you are training for a rally, he will know exactly how to maximise your stay with us. You can also take advantage of this to learn the rudiments of mechanics as we have a small workshop where we can show and do some work, from the simplest to the most complex. And the guide is an experienced mechanic, always willing to help.

The rally season no longer has a beginning or an end, there are rallies all year round, so what are you waiting for to come and train?

Enduro Experience Croatia is waiting for you!

Book now: info@enduroexperience-croatia.com