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MBE Verona 2024: We have been there!

Solo enduro stand MBE Verona

And also this year we made it back at the MBE Verona!

Enduro Experience Croatia was present again this year at the well known motorbike fair in Verona. We were so happy to be able to attend this important event in our sector again. And above all we were delighted to meet and have some moments with our old enduro friends.

Who did we meet this year?

Our first thanks certainly go to Soloenduro (www.soloenduro.it). Our friends, Enzo in primis, allowed us to use some of their space to leave our material, stickers and some gadgets. Their hospitality was wonderful and we are looking forward to hosting them at our place for a nice enduro ride!

And right at the Soloenduro stand we met, as we do every year, our friend Stefano Passeri, a great enduro champion, with whom we stopped for a chat and a few photos. Stefano posed for us on his personal bike, the bike that he has got from his dad when he started racing.

Stefano Passeri World Champion Enduro at MBE Stand in Verona SoloEnduro

Then it was the turn of another enduro rider, Ugo Carta. One of the Enduro Experience team had the good fortune to meet Ugo during a winter enduro, some ten years ago. The outing for her was particularly hard, as she spent the day entirely in the snow, arriving late at night! In short, an enduro trip that we will definitely emembered. Today Ugo runs a Minicross school. If you have kids who want to learn to ride, he is the right person. MX Academy Minicross School: https://www.facebook.com/mxacademyasd


And let’s get on with the meetings. Tino Corbani, a friend and a great rallyist, who had brought home several African rally cups. Today, while continuing to race he also runs a team called 700% Talent, organises races and other very interesting initiatives. In the photo we see him putting the drivers through their paces, simulating the African terrain. And it is no coincidence that with him we also happily saw Rainer, the legendary organiser of the Tuareg Rally that we told you about a few posts ago.

700% Talent at Verona MBE 2024 Enduro

But it didn’t end there! We could not miss a visit to the site of Energia e Sorrisi, a historic non-profit organisation that combines sport with solidarity. Giampiero, the historical face of the association, was a great guest! Not only he let us leave our material at his stand but also offered us some good bread and salami with a glass of excellent prosecco! 

In short, rather than visiting stands, we spent a day spent among friends. Nevertheless it was an intense and emotionally charged day. See you next year!