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A day with the enduro champion Stefano Passeri!

Passeri wheeling up

Last week we had a special guest, Italian enduro champion Stefano Passeri.

Stefano had come to Croatia to enjoy some enduro riding and to discover the beauty of our land. Accompanied by the Soloenduro team (www.soloenduro.it), he stayed for a couple of days and asked Enduro Experience Croatia to take him to see the best places, both enduro-wise and scenically.

Of course, we were extremely honoured by his visit and tried to give him the full taste of the Enduro Experience, i.e. Stefano did exactly what our guests do when they join on our tours:

Stefano Passeri

Stefano stayed overnight in one of our flats, ate (and very tastefully) home-cooked meals from us and of course he went for a tour with our two best guides, in the places we usually take our guests. Here are a few glimpses of how the day went.

Passeri in action

Stefano had fun with his Gas Gas, but we did not make it easy for him! We changed the terrain several times to show him all the possible and imaginable options. Stones, rivers, hills and single-track trails with many technical passages. But also lighter dirt roads where we could open up the throttle a bit. The weather was wonderful. Just the right mix of undergrowth still wet from the recent rains, but warm, dry weather made for a really perfect day.

Enduro guides

And us? In the meantime, we tried to steal some of his champion secrets.

A big thank you to Stefano Passeri, but also to Enzo and Lara from Soloenduro! It was a pleasure to have you with us!

And you, would you like to try riding on the trails tested with Stefano? Contact us info@enduroexperience-croatia.com