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Enduro for beginners

Enduro beginners

Are you an enduro beginner or almost a beginner? Are you driving a street bike and you would like to learn
how to drive an off road bike? Knowing how to drive a dirt bike can be extremely helpful when riding a street
bike indeed. You will not be scared anymore when your back tyre starts to slide, all the opposite, you will
know exactly how to actually take the advantage of it.

Have you got convinced? Then Enduro Experience Croatia is the right place for you. With us, you can start
from scratch, we will explain the basic technique step by step. With no stress, having fun, and learning
something new. Dragan, our main guide, is a very experienced enduro driver and he will teach you the
principles of enduro driving, how to get comfortable in every situation and he will show you some simple
secrets on how to master the enduro techniques. He is very patient so don’t worry if you get stuck from time
to time, he is there to help!

Enduro beginners training

Learning enduro is like every other learning. You need a little bit of theory and then you just need to practice,
each time taking a small step forward, trying something new but always taking your time.
We will be happy to help you to discover a new world; pick up a few friends who want to try enduro, or even
some who perhaps know already how to drive but would like to improve… and come to Enduro Experience