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We had hosted a star! No, actually two stars!

Breakfast for enduro drivers

Last weekend we had a couple of VIPs driving with Enduro Experience Croatia. We start with ladies: so, the first one was Dörte Andratschke, the absolute star of many rallies and rally raids, the one who has been chosen by BMW for the next GS Trophy. She came to train and improve her already good enduro skills, driving with Enduro Experience Croatia.


And she came with Alessio Corradini, the unquestionable star of the European Rallies where he works as photographer. He is indeed famous for riding his bikes faster than the racer. You can see him overtaking the racers during the special stage, with his camera in hands and taking pictures. Alessio is an old friend of us, many times he had promised to come to visit us, well, finally he did.

And how did it go?

Alessio came with his old KTM from Italy and Dörte with her BMW GS all the way down from Germany. We gave them a couple of enduro bikes and we went out there for the enduro adventure. And that was really fun. Alessio was driving, as usual, with his camera ready to take stunning pictures and after a short warm up we decided to take Dörte for some more challenging trails. She probably wasn’t expecting this but she did great! You would not see so many girls driving an enduro bike in the way she did.  We have passed many trails with increasingly challenging conditions; stones, steep uphills, single tracks with obstacles and we finished with a hard downhill, full of crazy turns.

The biggest surprise, for who knows Alessio, is that we have not broken any tyre. If you google Alessio, you will find plenty of pictures of him changing tyres or repairing them (or driving even without in few cases). But not that day.

We really hope to see Dörte and Alessio back soon, to drive some more enduro with us.