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RIDE & SWIM… with Enduro Experience Croatia you can!

Jet ski boat experience

The spring is coming and obviously everyone is keen on driving during the wonderful spring season. And we still have a few places left for April and May… so we are looking forward to having you soon!

However, what about planning for the summer season?

You would probably say that in summer it’s too hot for driving enduro bikes and it might be right to some extent… But, and here will come the surprise, we have a winning formula for the hot and sunny days. It’s our new tour “Ride & Swim” (or Ride and Have a drink on the boat?).

Enduro_and_boat tours

Do you wonder how would the typical day look like?

You will have an early wake up and early breakfast, at 9am (more or less) you and your guide will be ready to start your tour so that you will avoid the hot afternoons. Your tour will continue till 1 pm (always more or less). Of course, the exact schedule can be adjusted according to your needs.

Once back home, after a quick lunch, you will reach a small marina which stays less than 15 minutes from the accommodation. There you will get on our our spacious boat, a Merry Fisher, 7mt long with a plenty of space inside and outside.

Beautiful sea Istria

We will go to discover nice hidden beaches, stop few times for swimming and enjoy the sunbath, having drinks and snacks on the boat. You can try wakeboard or even rent a jet-ski to have some more fun. And, what about to try to catch some fish to ensure a tasty dinner? This is also possible with Enduro Experience Croatia.

So, Ride & Swim, the best formula for summer enduro.

We can’t wait to have you with us!