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What does it mean to drive enduro? And what IS really enduro?

Hard enduro experience

Well, this is an eternal dilemma. Would enduro mean riding off-road of any kind? Or is enduro only when it’s hard? And if so, how would you define what is difficult and what is not? Over the years and years of enduro tours at Enduro Experience Croatia, we’ve really met a lot of different enduro riders and also heard a lot of ideas about what enduro really is.

Only hard?

On the one hand, some guys come in with very specialised, two-stroke, extremely light enduro bikes, let’s say almost trial bikes. They love only extreme; the harder it is, the more fun they have. We usually ride with them only a few miles a day, spending hours on an impossible climb and challenging themselves on scary trails. And honestly, sometimes it’s a lot of fun too. We have many trails that you can’t even walk on…. Even our dog had a hard time getting on one that we recently discovered and cleaned! Not to mention some dry rivers with rocks so big you can’t see what’s beyond!



Or only soft?

But let’s look at the other side. And let’s talk now about guys who ride the big dual sport bikes and actually ride them off road. And that’s enduro for them too. We had seen, a few years ago in the Tunisian desert, a guy with a BMW 1200. He was pretty short and struggled every time to find a way to get on his bike. But hey, once he was seated on this beast, he would climb the dunes, making this big thing look like a trial bike.

So yes, we also have people from time to time, boys and girls, who want to be taken off-road on their big BMW, Africa Twin or Tenere. And, especially in the summer, we don’t mind that at all. We have a dedicated two-day tour on dirt roads, of course the distances are much longer. We take our guests to discover the beauty of our country, showing the best landscapes and cleaning the dust off our old Africa Twin.

BMW off road

However, you probably already imagine who most of the enduro riders who come to us are. They fall somewhere in the middle of these two categories. Their enduro skills are variable and their bikes are normally something between 250 and 450 cc, two or four stroke. For these riders we have ready a nice mix of extreme parts, combined with some relaxed and easier trails.

Stunning enduro landscape

To sum up: for us, enduro is really everything we just described and much more. At Enduro Experience we can arrange it all. Any skill level in enduro is a good level for us. We always find the right trails because all we want is to keep you happy, see you drinking beer after the tour and laughing at the photos and videos of the day.

In the end… whatever enduro means to you… come try to ride with Enduro Experience Croatia and you won’t be disappointed.