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Booking your autumn enduro tour in Croatia, when is it the best time? TODAY!

Hard enduro Kroatien

The best enduro season, the fall, is coming again! During the summer we had worked for you, thinking how to improve our enduro tours. We went to discover new trails, paying attention to the beauty of the landscapes. But we were also thinking of what you guys want to see and do with your bikes.

Of course, during the summer season all trails were dry so we cannot wait now to go and try them after a proper rain, with you!!! Tons of fun guaranteed.

Reasons to join us?

  • Awesome enduro tours in Croatia

We are doing our best to make you happy. Your guide, Dragan, is very passionate about enduro and is great in assessing the enduro skills. Hence, he is ready to bring you on the right trails. He can help in the trickiest part or even teach you the right techniques to go over those spots. One day you want a hard tour? You will get it hard. The day after you are tired and you want to have a softer enduro tour? You will get it. We completely adjust to your preferences.

Hard enduro Kroatien

  • Assistance

Of course, during the tour, we have always someone from our family ready to start  (by bike or by 4×4) and bring you a spare part or, if your bike is not repairable on spot, to bring you and your bike home. You can also get one of our spare bikes if your own bike cannot be fixed. In this way, you can continue enjoying your holiday. 

  • Workshop

At the basement of our house, we have a small workshop with most of the tool you might need to set up or fix your bike. Your guide, Dragan, is a great mechanic and he will be happy to help you with the work. You can learn the basic stuff, the reparations that after you will be able to do yourself. Ask Dragan to adjust your suspensions for a better ride!

Household chores

  • Accommodation

You might remember that we are a small, family business and for us every guests counts. You will sleep in an apartment in our place (unless you wish to stay elsewhere). This means that we are always around, for any question, for any need, you will always find someone happy to help. All the three apartments are modern, recently refurbished, you will have AC and heating, satellite TV and wifi.

  • Food

We are well known for the quality of our kitchen. All is homemade, with plenty of passion and dedication. Dragan’s mum enjoys cooking and most of the times uses the products of our own garden.

Dinner at holiday house

All this together means great fun and no worries during your holiday. Check out our reviews! 

Last thing… as said, we run a small business and we avoid crowds as much as we can. You will never be only a number to us. So, book as early as you can as we get sold off quickly! Book here: Looking forward to meeting you soon.