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Enduro Tour for maxi enduro bikes in Croatia? Yes, that’s definitely possible.

Maxi enduro tour Croatia

Maxi enduro tour in Croatia

This weekend we hosted a group of really cool guys! Four people from Bergamo, riding their enduros all the way from Bergamo, stopping in Trieste, came to us intending to try, with their big beasts, our trails, normally ridden by small enduro bikes.

The evening before the enduro tour, we talked about the options we have in our beautiful peninsula and decided to plan for the next day a nice tour that points towards the Lim canal. The trails pass through forests close to the sea and then we would stop for lunch right by the sea, enjoying the last warm days of the year.

Maxi enduro tour Croatia

The start was exciting, three Africa Twins and a Yamaha Tenere setting off on the dirt track near home to do their enduro tour! As was to be expected, the morning passed without a hitch, no issues at all. The path that led us to the sea was spectacular and the big enduros seemed to fly on it.

Maxi Enduro Tour Africa Twin

After a rich lunch we set off again to return home along a beautiful, scenic and less technical dirt road than in the morning. Everyone was super happy with the day, there was no damage to the bikes (apart from a broken mirror) and obviously not even a scratch for the riders.

Over dinner, the group decided for the following day to rent the small bikes, our KTM EXCs.In fact, the guys were fascinated by the trails that would not be passable with their big bikes and wanted to come back and try them out.

Enduro fail in woods

So on Sunday we set off with the small bikes and it was total fun that day too. The four maxienduro-masters managed very well and had a great time.

Enduro tour Istria

During the dinner they were already thinking about when to return!!! Also because they couldn’t do the beautiful Ucka mountain tour that had been planned for Sunday, so coming back was a must.

And you? How far did you go with your maxi-enduros?

If you pass through Istria on your tours, come to visit us! For further information, please write to info@enduroexperience-croatia.comĀ